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SK Jelapang, Ipoh, Perak Location Map

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Location Property Type Distance Price
Puncak Bayu Jelapang, Jelapang, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office0.31 kmRM 468,000
Jelapang, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.38 kmRM 7,000,000
Meru Valley Resort, Ipoh, PerakTownhouse0.38 kmRM 750,000
Meru, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.38 kmRM 480,000
Taman Bukit Meru/Meru Hills, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.38 kmRM 1,800,000
Meru Valley Golf Country Club, Ipoh, Perak2.5-sty Terrace/Link House0.38 kmRM 1,500,000
Meru Valley Golf Country Club, Ipoh, Perak2.5-sty Terrace/Link House0.38 kmRM 690,000
Meru Height,Jelapang, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.59 kmRM 689,000
1 Meru, Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakLink Bungalow0.66 kmRM 890,000
Meru Hills, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.73 kmRM 1,650,000
MERU HEIGHTS, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.73 kmRM 1,900,000
Meru Valley Jelapang Ipoh, 14 Jul, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.78 kmRM 1,450,000
Meru Valley Meru Heights Ipoh, 14 Jul, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.78 kmRM 1,450,000
Puncak Meru, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.81 kmRM 1,700,000
Gerbang Meru Indah, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House0.84 kmRM 595,000
Taman Meru Impiana, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land0.84 kmRM 280,000
taman meru, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House0.89 kmRM 288,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakApartment1.01 kmRM 200,000
Ipoh, PerakResidential Land1.04 kmRM 982,476
Meru Hills, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.08 kmRM 1,580,000
Jelapang, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.11 kmRM 738,000
jelapang, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.21 kmRM 1,900,000
Ipoh, PerakTownhouse1.21 kmRM 1,400,000
jELAPANG, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land1.21 kmRM 400,000
Semi D at 1 Meru, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.24 kmRM 767,264
New 3 Bungalow at 1 Meru, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.24 kmRM 925,166
Meru, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.26 kmRM 900,000
One Meru Gerbang Meru Indah Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.33 kmRM 850,000
1 Meru, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.36 kmRM 1,300,000
Meru Valley Golf Resort, Ipoh, Perak2.5-sty Terrace/Link House1.36 kmRM 580,000
Meru Valley Resort Ipoh Bungalow Lot, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land1.36 kmRM 1,247,670
Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.39 kmRM 550,000
Meru Golf Resort, Ipoh, PerakTownhouse1.54 kmRM 1,800,000
IPOH, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.54 kmRM 6,000,000
jelapang, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land1.56 kmRM 155,000
Taman Meru Indah, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.64 kmRM 850,000
Wangsa Salju, Meru Valley, Ipoh, PerakTownhouse1.64 kmRM 690,000
Meru 2B-Meru Hills,Jelapang, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.69 kmRM 610,000
Jelapang Shop - Main Road, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.69 kmRM 750,000
Meru Valley Resort, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land1.71 kmRM 1,316,656
Jelapang Shop - Main Road, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.8 kmRM 750,000

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