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PANORAMA LAPANGAN PERDANA, Ipoh, Perak2.5-sty Terrace/Link House0.4 kmRM 570,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakFlat0.42 kmRM 48,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakFlat0.42 kmRM 68,000
Panorama LPGN Perdana, Ipoh, PerakShop0.47 kmRM 250,000
Ipoh, PerakFlat0.49 kmRM 45,000
PANORAMA LAPANGAN PERDANA, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House0.58 kmRM 310,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House0.58 kmRM 693,000
gunung rapat, Ipoh, Perak2.5-sty Terrace/Link House0.58 kmRM 405,000
Botani, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House0.78 kmRM 230,000
Lapangan Perdana, Ipoh, PerakShop0.81 kmRM 600,000
Lapangan Setia, Ipoh, PerakShop0.81 kmRM 550,000
Ibiza,Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, Perak2.5-sty Terrace/Link House0.86 kmRM 238,000
PASIR PUTIH, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.02 kmRM 235,000
Taman Pinji Perdana, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.04 kmRM 185,000
pasir pinji, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.08 kmRM 310,000
Bandar Cyber, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.09 kmRM 430,000
Bandar Cyber Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakShop1.12 kmRM 348,000
Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.17 kmRM 558,000
Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House1.25 kmRM 230,000
Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.31 kmRM 320,000
Botani Area, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.32 kmRM 320,000
Country Valentine, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House1.43 kmRM 188,000
Panorama Lapangan Perdana, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.46 kmRM 240,000
Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.5 kmRM 448,000
Taman Taufik, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.53 kmRM 550,000
Taman Taufik, Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.57 kmRM 350,000
TAMAN TAUFIK, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.6 kmRM 280,000
Station 18, Pengkalan, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.7 kmRM 980,000
Pengkalan Hulu, PerakShop1.7 kmRM 215,000
Ipoh, PerakShop1.71 kmRM 800,000
Bandar Pengkalan Indah, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.72 kmRM 199,000
Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.73 kmRM 438,000
Pengkalan Hulu, PerakShop1.73 kmRM 240,000
Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.74 kmRM 700,000
Jalan Pengkalan Indah, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.75 kmRM 420,000
Jalan Gopeng, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.76 kmRM 3,600,000
Taman Song Choon, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.79 kmRM 400,000
Bandar Cyber, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.79 kmRM 275,000
Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.81 kmRM 320,000
Jalan Gopeng, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.88 kmRM 1,500,000
Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.89 kmRM 250,000
The Dales, Tambun, Ipoh, Perak, Bungalow, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.91 kmRM 3,380,000
Desa Sri Ampang, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.91 kmRM 450,000
Off Jalan Kampar, Ipoh, PerakShop1.96 kmRM 2,500,000
Lapangan Symphony Business Park, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.99 kmRM 480,000
Simpang Pulai, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.99 kmRM 500,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakFactory2 kmRM 260,000
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