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+ YONG TAU FOO UNDER TREE *, Ipoh, Perak Location Map

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Location Property Type Distance Price
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office0.16 kmRM 1,300,000
jalan kampar, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office0.16 kmRM 1,380,000
Off Jalan Kampar Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakShop0.22 kmRM 1,000,000
Taman Kampar - Town Area, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House0.28 kmRM 288,000
Taman Kampar,Ipoh, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House0.28 kmRM 138,000
Ipoh Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, PerakBungalow Land0.31 kmRM 125,000
Ipoh, PerakShop-Office0.31 kmRM 880,000
kampar, Ipoh, PerakAgricultural Land0.45 kmRM 60,000
Ipoh, PerakResidential Land0.45 kmRM 1,611,960
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakOffice0.49 kmRM 800,000
Ipoh, PerakCommercial Land0.51 kmRM 750,000
Jalan Pasir Puteh Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakShop0.52 kmRM 880,000
Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.52 kmRM 530,000
Ipoh, PerakShop0.53 kmRM 1,200,000
Taman Kampar, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House0.56 kmRM 288,000
Ipoh, PerakShop0.61 kmRM 1,420,000
Perumahan Jalan Kampar Housing Trust, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.64 kmRM 538,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.71 kmRM 515,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.71 kmRM 775,000
CHATEAU GARDEN,IPOH, Ipoh, PerakBungalow Land0.76 kmRM 1,100,000
IPOH, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House0.76 kmRM 1,380,000
ROSE GARDEN, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House0.77 kmRM 180,000
Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, PerakShop0.79 kmRM 295,000
Ipoh, PerakRetail-Office0.81 kmRM 118,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCommercial Land0.82 kmRM 2,000,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 520,000
Damaipuri Condominium, Ipoh Town center, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 730,000
Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 520,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 680,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakPenthouse0.83 kmRM 1,400,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 660,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 450,000
Chateau Garden, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 500,000
Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 800,000
Jalan Chin Hwa, Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.83 kmRM 580,000
Ipoh, PerakOffice0.83 kmRM 1,700,000
Ipoh, PerakCommercial Land0.83 kmRM 18,000,000
Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House0.84 kmRM 499,000
Jalan Chin Hwa, Ipoh, PerakBungalow Land0.85 kmRM 1,200,000
Jalan Chin Hwa, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land0.85 kmRM 1,200,000
Ipoh, PerakShop-Office0.87 kmRM 960,000
JALAN BENDAHARA,IPOH, Ipoh, PerakOffice0.87 kmRM 960,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House0.87 kmRM 750,000
Sg Long, Mahkota Cheras, Cheras Mahkota, Cheras, SelangorSemi-detached House0.88 kmRM 1,250,000
Sg Long, Mahkota Cheras, Cheras Mahkota, Cheras, SelangorSemi-detached House0.88 kmRM 1,250,000
Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.88 kmRM 990,000
Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House0.88 kmRM 980,000
Ipoh, PerakShop0.97 kmRM 650,000
Ipoh, PerakCondominium0.97 kmRM 400,000
Tmn Hock Bee, Mayfair, Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House0.99 kmRM 750,000
Pasir Puteh, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.02 kmRM 328,000
Taman Pinji Jaya Semi Detached, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.03 kmRM 750,000
Ipoh, Other, PerakSemi-detached House1.04 kmRM 780,000
Ipoh, PerakShop1.04 kmRM 130,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.11 kmRM 470,000
Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.11 kmRM 488,000
pasir puteh, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.15 kmRM 680,000
New 2stry Bungalow at Tiger lane Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.15 kmRM 1,900,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.15 kmRM 305,000
Tiger lane, Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.15 kmRM 3,000,000
Jalan Chamberlain Hulu, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.15 kmRM 1,600,000
Housing Trust, Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.15 kmRM 510,000
Jalan Leong Boon Swee, Ipoh, PerakShop1.17 kmRM 1,450,000
Batu Kurau, Kamunting, PerakAgricultural Land1.17 kmRM 52,000,000
Ipoh Town Center, Ipoh, PerakOffice1.17 kmRM 96,000
Kota Wisma Emas, Ipoh, PerakOffice1.17 kmRM 141,000
Kota Wisma Emas, Ipoh, PerakSoho1.17 kmRM 93,000
Kota Wisma Emas, Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.17 kmRM 140,000
Taman Kasih, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.2 kmRM 580,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.21 kmRM 275,000
Taman Camay, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.21 kmRM 650,000
Ipoh, PerakPenthouse1.24 kmRM 750,000
Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.24 kmRM 538,000
Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.24 kmRM 480,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.26 kmRM 7,800,000
1,604 sq ft Prima Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.33 kmRM 415,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakCondominium1.33 kmRM 300,000
Taman Desa Harum, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.33 kmRM 980,000
Medan Lapangan Idaman, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.35 kmRM 368,000
Mansion Park, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.36 kmRM 988,000
IPOH, Ipoh, PerakHotel/Resort1.36 kmRM 45,000,000
Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.38 kmRM 2,900,000
Ipoh Town Centre, Ipoh, PerakShop1.38 kmRM 550,000
Kampung Baru Pasir Pinji,Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, PerakResidential Land1.42 kmRM 128,000
Jalan Gopeng Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.42 kmRM 5,000,000
Taman Mayfair , along main road, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.47 kmRM 620,000
Taman Song Choon, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House1.47 kmRM 125,000
Kampong Baru Buntong, Ipoh, PerakShop1.47 kmRM 800,000
Ipoh, Ipoh, PerakShop1.47 kmRM 1,488,000
IPOH, Ipoh, PerakShop1.48 kmRM 3,900,000
Ipoh, PerakShop-Office1.48 kmRM 600,000
Jalan Bunga Anggerik, Pasir Puteh, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House1.5 kmRM 157,300
Jalan Bunga Anggerik, Pasir Puteh, Ipoh, Perak1-sty Terrace/Link House1.5 kmRM 171,600
Ipoh, PerakShop1.54 kmRM 3,900,000
Ipoh Old Town, Ipoh, PerakShop1.55 kmRM 3,500,000
Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.56 kmRM 638,000
Jalan Khong Kam Tuck,Off Jalan Tambun, Ipoh, PerakBungalow House1.57 kmRM 1,800,000
Off Jalan Kampar, Ipoh, PerakSemi-detached House1.57 kmRM 650,000
Ipoh Garden, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.6 kmRM 460,000
IPOH, Ipoh, Perak2-sty Terrace/Link House1.6 kmRM 320,000

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