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Jalan 3/141, Kampung Malaysia Tambahan 57100
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I am looking for a reliable property to sell my bungalow, near Jalan Damai in KL
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Kuala Lumpur

Author : Hong Khun Lim , 6/21/2016 3:25:13 PM 0 reply
Good day, I'm looking forward to move to KL but I'm afraid of the traffic jam, can you please advise me if there is any condo. that located in good place in KL and has less traffic jam.
Category : Renting Property in Malaysia Location : Kuala Lumpur

Author : Ahmed Meri , 6/12/2016 5:10:11 PM 0 reply
Hi All, I would like to sell my unit, double storey Avena, Bandar Puteri Klang. I'm looking for sales agent to negotiate & sell this unit. Kindly leave me a message. Thanks in advance.
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Selangor

Author : Shubhaa Nayadu , 6/9/2016 11:28:47 AM 0 reply
No Saving. Financial Problem. Need Advice What And How To Own A Property For Me Myself.
Category : Buying Property in Malaysia Location : Perak
Hi, my name is Milton. My age 33. I'm taking care of my old mother. Paying house rent, electric bills, water bills, groceries and etc. Currently, I only own a EX5 Honda bike. I don't have car or house. The owner of the house that I'm renting also saving will ask back the house that we're renting, when the time come. Since small I was feed up and gave up on shifting house to house. I don't have saving due to low salary and contract base job and need to take care all alone by myself. Age also getting higher but not salary. Currently, I heard from a friend that bank won't give 90% loan as usual to everyone for whom age over 30yrs above. My mom did told me if you want to buy house, buy near lake garden. I used all my EPF 2nd account totally to pay my PTPTN. I don't know or got people to advice me. What should I do? What's the 1st steps should I start to do?
Author : Milton Nathan , 5/29/2016 4:44:10 PM 0 reply

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