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Memorandum of Transfer, Perfection of Charge and Strata Title
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Kuala Lumpur
We are foreign investors who own a property in KL since 2010 and recently we received a "Perfection of charge" request from our Financier Bank lawyers. We had to provide payment to them and multiple attested documents. Today we received from the developer a letter stating they would not release the Strata title without a) adjudicated MOT, b) Charge executed by Financier, c) foreign consent in favour for purchaser, d)letter stating we will forward registered title in favour of end-financier, e) confirm if the loan is paid, f) of a solicitor appointment for perfection of charge, g) discharge for developer LOU. We have no idea what they are asking for, whom should provide it and what the actual process is. We want to sell our property soon and would like to understand is this will prevent us from selling until it is settled, what additional charges will we incur, what is the actual formal process is? Can someone shed some light?
Author : Jacqui Rawlinson , 10/10/2016 4:24:29 PM 0 reply
What is the process of transfer of ownership of a house?
Category : Home Owners Location : Kuala Lumpur
I am a Japanese who bought a house under the name of a local Malaysian brother-in-law in 2006. He took a loan under his name (on my behalf) but I have paid all the costs related to the house. I rented the house and always ensured bank loan was paid on monthly basis, including all other costs, such as taxes. All was good until he divorced my sister and decided not transfer the house to my ownership. I filed a case against him in the Malaysian Civil Court and the ruling was in my favor. I have a Court Order that I am the true owner of the property. While it is a great feeling to get my rights back, I would like to understand the procedure to transfer the ownership of the house. The land office has confirmed the property can be transferred to my name (because of the Court Order) but what is the best way to make such transfer and what procedures must I follow and be careful of? This is not a sale and purchase, it is transfer of ownership only. Of course, I will settle the outstanding bank loan he had taken on my behalf.
Author : Zaif Siddiqi , 7/19/2016 9:38:54 PM 0 reply
Service Residents around KLCC
Category : About iExpert Location : Kuala Lumpur
What is the selling price psf. for service residents within KLCC area? Is RM2,000 psf. consider as competitive price for a service residents within KLCC?
Author : Zarina Adnan , 7/4/2016 11:05:37 AM 0 reply
I have KL office for rent!! Any Top and experience agent willing to do?
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Kuala Lumpur
Author : Christa Dominiquez , 6/29/2016 12:12:22 PM 0 reply

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