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Foreign Owner
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Selangor
How much taxes involved if a foreign owner sell off his property in Malaysia?
Author : Oi Lin , 21/11/2014 3:31:01 PM 0 reply
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Selangor
Can a trustee sell off property on the owner's behalf
Author : Oi Lin , 21/11/2014 3:27:57 PM 0 reply
Additional Car Park
Category : Managing Property/Tenants Location : Selangor
Hi, I live in one of the old Condo in PJ (subsales) and still under master title. My apartment is the smallest and come with 1 car park. But having to stay there for quite sometimes, i noticed that some (same unit size) is having more car park. Then i asked and find out that some has more by ways of buying from the developer. My questions are as follows 1) In what capacity can the developer sell the car park lots since car parking lots are distributed to the units concern when it was launched 20 years ago. Meaning that the additional car park is not sell together with units. What happens if one day some 1 says he owns the entrance and he/she needs to charge rental for it. My question is in what capacity can the developer sell the car park or any space not attached to the unit. And is it legal? 2) How Assessment and Quit rent is counted. If lets say the owner obtain the original car park through legal means. Do they pay the tax (cukai) or i and every one has to pay for those owner that has more car park? 3) Since general area like car park requires maintenance fee/electricity/cleaning/water/or even security, it is legal and that owner like me has to pay to maintaining car parks for those with more? Some has admitted that he has 7 car parks that do not pay a single cents to maintain it and best part is collecting rental. Appreciate if some one can give me some guide to a) recover my money for paying the taxes/maintenance fee for those have more car parks b) Which government agency can i go to lodge a complain. I have lodge a complain and investigation to the management but the chairman does not bother because he is one of the earlier batch that have more car parks than his units attached to. Please help. Currently i am paying Rm 936 in Cukai Taksiran and over $400/month in maintenance fee.
Author : My Problem , 9/11/2014 2:11:01 PM 0 reply
Joint prperty ownership dispute
Category : Legal and Finance Location : Selangor
Dear lawyers, I am in a dilemma. In 1983, my husband and his brother bought a semi –D house. S& P title = 50% each. Now my husband wish to sell off his share to them but they only offer 100K which I think is not fair. They have been staying in that house all the time, while we shifted out in 1990 due to conflict They said they put more downpayment on the house therefore claims the house is theirs. That semi-D at that year when they bought was RM384++K. My husband took 20K from EPF and 70K fr. Bank loan at 13% per annum and have been paying since then. In 2006, the house grant was discharge and we collected the house grant. Now after 24 years, they did not mention they want the grant but say just leave it as it is until everyone dies off. I will appreciate if you could advice me on what ground I can pursue tis case. Thank you Madm. Tan
Author : Tan Elaine , 28/10/2014 10:33:11 AM 0 reply
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