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Affordability calculation
Category : Buying Property in Malaysia Location : Selangor
Hello everyone - first time property buyer here (potentially?). I have a question about determining your ability to afford any particular property, I will use an example to ask my question. Looking for some advice / insights. May aim is to secure long term capital gains from the property. I'm looking at a landed property in a location that is moderately developed which costs about RM800k. I earn about RM5+k a month after deductions but I have almost 0 commitments except for living expenses that come up to about 1++k/month. Based on what I calculated, I'll have to fork out about RM3+k/month for this landed property and that will leave me a balance of RM2k a month for expenses. Once expenses are deducted, that will almost nothing left for savings - but this is only the case provided I do not get a tenant to stay in the property. There's usually advice on how many % of your income should be devoted to loans and advice on only purchasing properties that you can afford to pay for even if there is no tenant. In my case, I should be juuuuuust able to make the repayments without getting into trouble in the worst case scenario where there is no tenant. I should be reasonably comfortable if there is a tenant. What do you guys think? Is it financially prudent to take this kind of risk? Will the bank even approve such a loan?
Author : Adam N , 31/3/2015 3:10:55 AM 0 reply
I'm buying a landed (strata freehold unit) which is currently under Master title. Am I double charged for the MOT?
Category : Buying Property in Malaysia Location : Selangor
I intend to buy a strata freehold unit which is currently under Master title, knowing that I eventually will need to pay for the MOT when the strata title is assigned for my unit. In this case, what are the stamp duty & legal fees I need to pay during the subsale transaction now, and how much is the MOT cost at later stage? a. Please help to breakdown the stamp duty & legal cost for subsale transaction (for buyer) while the unit is under master title? b. Sometime down the road I will need to pay for the MOT. Pls confirm if the MOT Stamp Duty stated below is correct? Any other legal fees or cost? MOT Stamp Duty First RM 100,000 1.0% Next RM 200,000 2.0% Thereafter 3.0% Thanks!
Author : TY Wong , 29/3/2015 8:50:19 AM 0 reply
how to check Pelangi Damansara market value?
Category : Renting Property in Malaysia Location : Selangor
What the current market value for Pelangi Damansara apartment?rental and selling?
Author : Zawawi Hafizi , 19/3/2015 11:15:20 AM 0 reply
Selling or Renting?
Category : Selling property in Malaysia Location : Selangor
Should i sell or rent my condo - Vista Millenium Condo, Puchong Perdana? Please advise
Author : Husna Hassan , 18/3/2015 5:47:53 PM 0 reply
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