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Listing Fees
Category : About iExpert Location : Selangor
Hi there, I am new to iproperty.com and I have a few property keen on listing here. I noticed the fees here for each posting is very high RM299 for 3 months. Is there any other cheaper package you could recommend for a number of listings ? Thanks.
Author : HuaLeng Lee , 1/5/2016 8:11:23 PM 0 reply
Joint Property Disputes
Category : Legal and Finance Location : Selangor
Hi, I used to stay at my parents house when i was working in Selangor when i first started my career.At that point of time, my hubby who is still my bf is renting one of the room (house belong to my parents, they're all overseas). My in laws who is living in another state came quite frequent and they will put up night at my place (since i'm living alone and there's plenty room in my parents house). We live in this house for like 2 years plus till one day my parents decided to sell it offv(end of 2010). They received an offer from buyer but decided to hold on till that receive the higher value(the house is at Subang). Ever since my in laws knew that my parents wanted to sell it off, they started and keep telling me and hubby why not we just buy over, at this point of time, we both are still very young at the age of 23-26, and we took their advice into consideration (she treat me very well that time, keep persuading and even instigate buying over the house then dont have to look at other ppl face cos the house not belong to us but my parents). So we decided to buy, and thereafter in laws keep negotiating, and my parents decided to sell at only 420k for 2.5 storey teres house at subang jaya, taking it as we both getting married soon and wanted to help us, they accept such an low offer thinking the difference of RM200k to be wedding gift for their daughter. In no time, we proceed with signing of SPA etc. (I was a little suprise when i see my MIL name in the SPA agreement, but she told me that without her name we couldnt get the bank loan, well im naive enough to believe and proceed signing). My mom didnt voice out on this thinking we're getting married and didnt want to create unhappiness among us (she's the owner of the house). Ever since buying over the house, my MIL treat me very differently as in no longer respect me and treat like no one, been creating lots of quarrel and unhappiness to make me and hubby break up(even for our wedding). She even told me that she can pay off the bank loan to take my name out of the house title (but not paying me anything) and stopping her son to marry me. Anyway, we both go through as this obstacle strongly and yes we end up with marriage and a daughter now (well, tho she created big fuss, mess and quarrel during my confinement back in msia till the stage i felt life threatening). And now after 5 years, we're living overseas and decided to settle down overseas and wanted to sell our property in Subang. With no where and no reason, they started to facetime and whatapps my hubby asking him to refrain me from involving eversince the knew we wanted to sell it. Now they've engage their own agent to handle all this. Anyone who is familiar, kindly please help and advice how should I practice my rights. I felt very much being cheated,disrespect and the house is a gift from my parents to me. please help and thanks in advance
Author : kat t , 12/18/2015 4:36:46 PM 0 reply
property ownership transfer
Category : About iExpert Location : Selangor
Would like to ask what is the procedure if my father want to add my mother's name to the property (house and factory - both leasehold) and meanwhile remove my brother's name from the both properties? Thank you.
Author : Wong , 11/4/2015 2:50:17 PM 0 reply
What options are available to me now.
Category : Home Owners Location : Selangor
Developer has not applied for blanket consent for transfer of strata title to couple of unit owners in my condo.This info obtained from Pej. Tanah dan galian Selangor.Most probably because they sold bumi units to non bumis and now have to pay fine to PTGS which they are not willing thus delaying in we getting our individual titles since 2012. What are we to do now, approaching the developers is useless, they keep telling us to wait for blanket consent etc.etc.
Author : Packiam Harold , 10/29/2015 2:05:36 PM 3 reply
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