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Commercial Property - Developer Withhold Keys - due to outstanding interest charges by Developer
Category : Legal and Finance Location : Sabah
Hi, I bought a commercial property from developer under my personal name, secured full financing, bank already paid the full amount to developer, and already received Vacant Possession notice from Developer. However developer only allowed me to inspect the property for any damages for rectification. Now the developer is withholding the keys to the property and asking me to pay the outstanding interest charges, i have paid about 70% of the interest and promised to pay the balance. Please advise if it is legal to do so, and whether i have any right to the keys, where do i complain as i am am a personal owner, not under company. As far as i understand Tribunal will only entertain for residential property. I am servicing the monthly loan but not able to rent out or use the property, and losing income every month due to this.
Author : Azhar Adam , 8/23/2016 3:13:28 PM 0 reply
market value
Category : Market Conditions Location : Sabah
hi,you havent reply my question about the current market value of the whole lot of block b lot 4 ground flr to 3rd flr at bandar ramai-ramai.Thanx
Author : gemma masangkay , 2/25/2014 12:27:59 PM 0 reply
market value
Category : Market Conditions Location : Sabah
hi,just wanna know the market value of the flat at bandar ramai ramai block b,lot 4 ground flr,1st -3rd flr.thanx
Author : gemma masangkay , 2/20/2014 5:32:22 PM 0 reply
I am interested in buying my first home and would like expert opinions on the steps on how to purchase a home with the 'my first house scheme'?
Category : Buying Property in Malaysia Location : Sabah
I've heard many ways from friends/colleagues on how to apply for a loan for a house however some opinions i get are contradictory with each other and I need accurate facts so i can work on the first step immediately especially in utilizing the scheme. therefore I have a few questions: 1) To whom should i approach first? the house owner(or agency) or the banks? 2) And if i approach the owner first, and a form of deposit is needed, e.g 1-2% of the property price can i include it under the loan? 3) But to apply for the loan I would need to book the house first? 4) After the house has been booked, what documents do i need to present to the bank to apply for the house? 4) Can i also include the stamp duty, lawyers, fees, government service taxes, 10% deposit under the loan? Its like the case of who came first, the chicken or the egg and im not sure on which step to 'sit on' first for it to hatch. thanks in advance. KH
Author : Keith Herrera , 2/5/2014 12:04:20 PM 0 reply

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