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How much does the property worth at Kulim High Park
Category : Market Conditions Location : Kedah
May I know how much a 22x70 square feet double story house value at Kulim High Tech Park? Build In=1672 square ft Land Area=1540 square ft(22x70square ft)
Author : LS Sim , 22/10/2013 1:45:29 PM 0 reply
Multiple Name in Housing Loan
Category : General Topics Location : Kedah
Hi there, need your help on this. My dad have refinance our house with bank with my name initially. But after that he added in my sister and brother's name with bank, now my dad is passed away and the house still under bank loan, my brother and sister don't want to pay the house loan and they are work and stay in oversea, now the bank is chasing me for the loan. So I have a few questions as below: 1. Can I request bank to sell off the house without my brother & sister involvement? 2. If not, do I have the right to request bank to remove both of their name? Do they need to show out? Hope to get your valueable reply asap. Thank you.
Author : Kelly Tan , 19/6/2013 2:54:25 PM 0 reply
What is the process to claim for the (10%) liquidated damage as the develop already late in deliver the vacant possesion?
Category : Buying Property in Malaysia Location : Kedah
I signed my S&P on 02 Jan 2011 & till now the developer has failed to deliver the vacant possesion after 2 years as per the S&P contract. The housing project is still in progress. Do I need to send in any letter so that I can claim the liquidated damge when the possesion is ready? I have informed the developer through phone & they said they will take note of this. thanks!
Author : Ken Tan , 17/2/2013 4:16:07 PM 0 reply
Caveat house
Category : Legal and Finance Location : Kedah
Hi, I have gave deposit to buy a semi-D house to house owner. At that time, we verbally agree if I can not get the housing loan, the house owner will return the deposit to me. But after I inform the house owner I can not get the housing loan from bank, she said she need rejection letter from bank. After I get the rejection letter to her in photocopy, she said the letter is not valid issued from bank. Now she want me go with her to same bank of other branch by end of this month to verify the letter. But I can not make it because I can only go to issued bank to verify it within these 2 days only. It seem like the house owner take a lot of accuses and try to drag the case maybe she want to sell the house and then I have no reason take back my deposit or after sell the house and run away. So my concern are 1) can I caveat the house to prevent her from selling it? 2) If yes, how can I do? 3) If the house ownner want to release the house after I caveat it, can I ask the house owner return the deposit to me first and pay the caveat fee? 4) If want to verify the house loan letter, can the house owner verify at the issued bank and verify by her own only?
Author : Christin Lee , 10/5/2012 3:09:12 PM 2 reply
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