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Pahang Condominiums for Sale

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Location Built up Price
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1002 Square FeetRM845,912
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1800 Square FeetRM1,800,000
 Raub, FRASER HILL919 Square FeetRM438,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA818 Square FeetRM600,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA580 Square FeetRM400,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1135 Square FeetRM730,000
 Other, BERJAYA HILL525 Square FeetRM190,000
 Kuantan, BUKIT GAMBANG WATER WORLD RESORT470 Square FeetRM260,000
 Kuantan, BUKIT GAMBANG WATER WORLD RESORT810 Square FeetRM300,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1033 Square FeetRM920,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1299 Square FeetRM1,156,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1299 Square FeetRM1,156,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1116 Square FeetRM993,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1044 Square FeetRM929,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1033 Square FeetRM920,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1295 Square FeetRM1,153,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1126 Square FeetRM1,002,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1002 Square FeetRM891,780
 GENTING HIGHLANDS979 Square FeetRM873,310
 GENTING HIGHLANDS979 Square FeetRM875,310
 GENTING HIGHLANDS979 Square FeetRM880,310
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1033 Square FeetRM920,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1033 Square FeetRM920,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1021 Square FeetRM910,690
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1356 Square FeetRM1,206,840
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1120 Square FeetRM996,800
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1290 Square FeetRM1,148,100
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1060 Square FeetRM943,400
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1120 Square FeetRM996,800
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1126 Square FeetRM1,002,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1295 Square FeetRM1,153,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1044 Square FeetRM929,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1033 Square FeetRM920,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1299 Square FeetRM1,156,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1116 Square FeetRM993,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING1033 Square FeetRM920,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS1050 Square FeetRM450,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS527 Square FeetRM198,888
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS626 Square FeetRM210,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1214 Square FeetRM380,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1530 Square FeetRM420,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA570 Square FeetRM295,000
 BENTONG430 Square FeetRM100,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1200 Square FeetRM750,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM180,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1500 Square FeetRM430,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1500 Square FeetRM415,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1500 Square FeetRM300,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS600 Square FeetRM180,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS845 Square FeetRM186,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS800 Square FeetRM450,000
 Kuantan, KUANTAN1148 Square FeetRM175,000
 Genting Highlands, BERJAYA HILLS RESORT, BENTONG 949 Square FeetRM290,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA900 Square FeetRM405,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1050 Square FeetRM353,000
 Bentong, BENTONG 949 Square FeetRM280,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM185,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA650 Square FeetRM450,000
 Bentong, BERJAYA HILLS RESORT, BENTONG 525 Square FeetRM185,000
 Genting Highlands, BERJAYA HILLS RESORT, BENTONG 525 Square FeetRM185,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS630 Square FeetRM185,000
 Genting Highlands, GOTONG JAYA650 Square FeetRM210,000
 Cameron Highlands, TANAH RATA,968 Square FeetRM360,000
 CAMERON HIGHLANDS785 Square FeetRM330,000
 Cameron Highlands, BRINCHANG1248 Square FeetRM530,000
 Cameron Highlands, BRINCHANG1227 Square FeetRM520,000
 Cameron Highlands, BRINCHANG1225 Square FeetRM510,000
 CAMERON HIGHLANDS828 Square FeetRM265,000
 Kuantan, PUSAT PERDAGANGAN SEMAMBU1053 Square FeetRM60,000
 Bukit Fraser, RAUB 919 Square FeetRM178,000
 Bukit Fraser, FRASER HILL919 Square FeetRM185,000
 Bukit Fraser, RAUB 919 Square FeetRM190,000
 Bukit Fraser, RAUB919 Square FeetRM250,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA570 Square FeetRM285,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA570 Square FeetRM290,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1050 Square FeetRM350,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1050 Square FeetRM348,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA650 Square FeetRM355,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA818 Square FeetRM610,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA567 Square FeetRM285,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA567 Square FeetRM270,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA 650 Square FeetRM380,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA 830 Square FeetRM560,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1600 Square FeetRM510,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1200 Square FeetRM780,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA830 Square FeetRM370,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1040 Square FeetRM780,000
 Kuantan, BUKIT GAMBANG810 Square FeetRM280,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI805 Square FeetRM290,000
 Genting Highlands, BUKIT TINGGI805 Square FeetRM160,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM180,000
 Bentong, BENTONG805 Square FeetRM290,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM358,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI, BUKIT MUTIARA850 Square FeetRM320,000
 KUANTAN413 Square FeetRM125,000
 Cameron Highlands, KEA FARM764 Square FeetRM288,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS800 Square FeetRM395,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI 1000 Square FeetRM156,000
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