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Pahang Condominiums for Sale

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Location Built up Price
 Kuantan, TELUK CEMPEDAK,KUANTAN1098 Square FeetRM480,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS80000 Square FeetRM550,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING557 Square FeetRM370,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING VIEW RESORT830 Square FeetRM375,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1135 Square FeetRM850,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA580 Square FeetRM460,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA818 Square FeetRM650,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS362 Square FeetRM360,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS362 Square FeetRM360,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS756 Square FeetRM380,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS557 Square FeetRM370,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS800 Square FeetRM550,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1300 Square FeetRM980,000
 CAMERON HIGHLANDS1518 Square FeetRM528,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS2000 Square FeetRM850,000
 GENTING HIGHLANDS500 Square FeetRM350,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA 557 Square FeetRM380,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS936 Square FeetRM650,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTIMG HIGHLANDS1189 Square FeetRM355,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1189 Square FeetRM385,000
 BENTONG525 Square FeetRM190,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING550 Square FeetRM380,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING800 Square FeetRM547,677
 CAMERON HIGHLANDS1528 Square FeetRM480,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1141 Square Feet
 GENTING HIGHLANDS603 Square FeetRM691,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS932 Square FeetRM300,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1216 Square FeetRM510,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM182,000
 CAMERON HIGHLANDS1528 Square FeetRM700,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI1030 Square FeetRM195,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM220,000
 Bentong, BENTONG1280 Square FeetRM230,000
 Bentong, BENTONG1100 Square FeetRM200,000
 Bentong, BENTONG1000 Square FeetRM170,000
 Genting Highlands, GOH TONG JAYA1134 Square FeetRM920,000
 Bukit Fraser, BUKIT FRASER900 Square FeetRM290,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1135 Square FeetRM920,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1800 Square FeetRM1,100,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 1033 Square FeetRM980,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 1033 Square FeetRM950,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 570 Square FeetRM320,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA818 Square FeetRM620,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA650 Square FeetRM570,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 980 Square FeetRM700,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA50 Square FeetRM4,100,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA900 Square FeetRM405,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA570 Square FeetRM295,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 1050 Square FeetRM500,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 570 Square FeetRM260,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA580 Square FeetRM410,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA590 Square FeetRM450,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA830 Square FeetRM370,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1600 Square FeetRM510,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1040 Square FeetRM780,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA820 Square FeetRM600,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA 800 Square FeetRM555,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA 650 Square FeetRM380,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA567 Square FeetRM297,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA580 Square FeetRM450,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1200 Square FeetRM749,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1200 Square FeetRM760,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA1040 Square FeetRM730,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1050 Square FeetRM348,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1050 Square FeetRM353,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1000 Square FeetRM580,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA567 Square FeetRM295,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1000 Square FeetRM578,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1300 Square FeetRM450,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS1050 Square FeetRM680,000
 Bentong, BENTONG805 Square FeetRM270,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS927 Square FeetRM278,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA933 Square FeetRM1,300,000
 Genting Highlands, GENTING HIGHLANDS650 Square FeetRM285,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI 1000 Square FeetRM150,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI BENTONG1200 Square FeetRM230,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI BENTONG1210 Square FeetRM250,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI BENTONG1119 Square FeetRM235,000
 Bentong, SELESA HILLHOMES 520 Square FeetRM129,000
 Bentong, SELESA HILLHOMES BENTONG420 Square FeetRM105,000
 Bentong, SELESA HILLHOMES610 Square FeetRM123,000
 Bentong, BUKIT TINGGI2000 Square FeetRM390,000
 Cameron Highlands, CAMERON HIGHLANDSRM120,000
 Cameron Highlands, CAMERON HIGHLANDSRM91,200
 Cameron Highlands, CAMERON HIGHLANDSRM230,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA 1400 Square FeetRM1,300,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1200 Square FeetRM780,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA1050 Square FeetRM350,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA570 Square FeetRM290,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA570 Square FeetRM300,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA650 Square FeetRM420,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA650 Square FeetRM355,000
 Genting Highlands, TAMAN GOHTONG JAYA818 Square FeetRM630,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA2000 Square FeetRM850,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 570 Square FeetRM300,000
 Genting Highlands, GOHTONG JAYA, GENTING HIGHLANDS 570 Square FeetRM323,000
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