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Johor Condominiums for Sale

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Location Built up Price
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM570,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1635 Square FeetRM798,000
 Nusajaya, SKY LOFT PREMIUM SUITES, NUSAJAYA1615 Square FeetRM948,000
 Nusajaya, SKY LOFT PREMIUM SUITES, NUSAJAYA1615 Square FeetRM1,100,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1808 Square FeetRM700,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN KOLAM AYER1712 Square FeetRM850,000
 Johor Bahru, JLN MASAI BARURM330,000
 Johor Bahru, STULANG DARATRM1,100,000
 Johor Bahru, BANDAR SELESA JAYA818 Square FeetRM100,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN BAIDURI681 Square FeetRM500,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY721 Square FeetRM328,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN PERSIARAN DANGA1038 Square FeetRM580,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1100 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, SCOTT TOWER ,LARKIN973 Square FeetRM330,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1313 Square FeetRM550,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1189 Square FeetRM950,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN PERSIARAN DANGA1038 Square FeetRM580,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1048 Square FeetRM400,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1078 Square FeetRM480,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMPOI1028 Square FeetRM1,400
 JOHOR BAHRU1170 Square FeetRM440,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN BAYU PUTERI1100 Square FeetRM1,700
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU2400 Square FeetRM1,080,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1450 Square FeetRM690,000
 TAMPOI1330 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1130 Square FeetRM350,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1700 Square FeetRM600,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1700 Square FeetRM850,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1700 Square FeetRM750,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOHD TAIB1680 Square FeetRM755,000
 Johor Bahru, CENTURY GARDEN1080 Square FeetRM1,620,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1600 Square FeetRM680,000
 Masai, BANDAR SERI ALAM1500 Square FeetRM385,000
 Masai, BANDAR SERI ALAM1950 Square FeetRM350,000
 JOHOR BAHRU920 Square FeetRM220,000
 Johor Bahru, HORIZON RESIDENCE LUXURY1045 Square FeetRM558,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN ABDUL SAMAD1500 Square FeetRM590,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1497 Square FeetRM950,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1704 Square FeetRM1,050,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1704 Square FeetRM1,200,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1497 Square FeetRM950,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1000 Square FeetRM480,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN DATUK ABDULLAH TAHIR885 Square FeetRM380,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1245 Square FeetRM670,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN KOLAM AYER1711 Square FeetRM685,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1245 Square FeetRM680,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11399 Square FeetRM880,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN ABDUL SAMAD1281 Square FeetRM428,000
 Nusajaya, EAST LEDANG1147 Square FeetRM918,000
 Setia Tropika, JOHOR1098 Square FeetRM640,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH, NUSAJAYA1214 Square FeetRM1,250,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH, NUSAJAYA1214 Square FeetRM880,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH, NUSAJAYA833 Square FeetRM650,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH, NUSAJAYA833 Square FeetRM625,000
 Johor Bahru, TANJUNG PUTERI1052 Square FeetRM841,600
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY488 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY488 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY807 Square FeetRM645,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY826 Square FeetRM660,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY917 Square FeetRM733,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY1076 Square FeetRM860,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY1076 Square FeetRM890,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1210 Square FeetRM885,700
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU699 Square FeetRM702,723
 JOHOR BAHRU465 Square FeetRM393,962
 JOHOR BAHRU407 Square FeetRM380,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM540,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1046 Square FeetRM638,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN PELANGI1700 Square FeetRM658,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY1333 Square FeetRM388,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN RESIDENCE 31287 Square FeetRM450,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1200 Square FeetRM400,000
 NUSAJAYA804 Square FeetRM560,000
 Johor Bahru, TROPICANA DANGA BAY TROPEZ463 Square FeetRM359,000
 Nusajaya, HORIZON HILLS FAIRWAY SUITES1200 Square FeetRM880,000
 Johor Bahru, KSL D'ESPLANADE RESIDENCE CONDOMINIUM1180 Square FeetRM1,380,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1351 Square FeetRM350,000
 Skudai, SKUDAI1002 Square FeetRM165,000
 Skudai, BANDAR SELASA JAYA1002 Square FeetRM185,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN TAMPOI INDAH870 Square FeetRM365,000
 Johor Bahru, MOLEK PINE 32129 Square FeetRM1,500,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH751 Square FeetRM520,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM550,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11711 Square FeetRM830,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1400 Square FeetRM635,000
 Skudai, JALAN INDAH 15, BUKIT INDAH826 Square FeetRM450,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN973 Square FeetRM330
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA3000 Square FeetRM2,500,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU3369 Square FeetRM1,600,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1090 Square FeetRM680,000
 Nusajaya, HORIZON HILLS1020 Square FeetRM700,000
 JOHOR BAHRU717 Square Feet
 JOHOR BAHRU1200 Square FeetRM600,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1198 Square FeetRM1,200,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1341 Square FeetRM1,100,000
 Johor Bahru, KEBUN TEH945 Square FeetRM460,000
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