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Johor Condominiums for Sale

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Apartments / Condominiums in Johor For Sale Check Out the Most Popular State Listings For Rent >>
Location Built up Price
 JOHOR BAHRU1345 Square FeetRM820,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1100 Square FeetRM460,000
 Johor Bahru, MOLEK PINE 2 CONDOMINIUM TAMAN MOLEK1190 Square FeetRM500,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1266 Square FeetRM1,000,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SUTERA UTAMA1390 Square FeetRM850,000
 Permas Jaya, JOHOR BAHRU1114 Square FeetRM450,000
 JOHOR BAHRU689 Square FeetRM438,000
 NUSAJAYA510 Square FeetRM295,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1168 Square FeetRM508,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK,1190 Square FeetRM510,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK,1190 Square FeetRM508,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY646 Square FeetRM488,000
 Medini, NUSAJAYA878 Square FeetRM659,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN DATUK ABDULLAH TAHIR1000 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN BUKIT MEWAH1250 Square FeetRM330,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU604 Square FeetRM240,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOLEK 1/27, TAMAN MOLEK1095 Square FeetRM520,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1168 Square FeetRM508,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1214 Square FeetRM588,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU CITY APTRM350,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1516 Square FeetRM868,000
 Johor Bahru, NUSAJAYA720 Square FeetRM550,000
 Johor Bahru, NUSAJAYA873 Square FeetRM650,000
 Johor Bahru, NUSAJAYA1019 Square FeetRM755,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU936 Square FeetRM740,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU560 Square FeetRM450,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA2010 Square FeetRM1,250,000
 Johor Bahru, NUSAJAYA1019 Square FeetRM750,000
 Johor Bahru, NUSAJAYA1019 Square FeetRM688,000
 Gelang Patah, TAMAN NUSA PERINTIS1050 Square FeetRM450,000
 MASAI810 Square FeetRM330,000
 TAMPOI476 Square FeetRM240,000
 TAMPOI963 Square FeetRM390,000
 JOHOR BAHRU528 Square FeetRM1,400
 Nusajaya, NUSA IDAMAN810 Square FeetRM435,000
 MASAI1045 Square FeetRM350,000
 HORIZON HILLS1266 Square FeetRM900,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1058 Square FeetRM185,000
 PERMAS JAYA965 Square FeetRM300,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1777 Square FeetRM800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1188 Square FeetRM400,000
 SETIA TROPIKA933 Square FeetRM460,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN AUSTIN PERDANA999 Square FeetRM385,000
 JOHOR BAHRU660 Square FeetRM285,000
 JOHOR BAHRU999 Square FeetRM1,700
 JOHOR BAHRU1135 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, SKY PEAK933 Square FeetRM440,000
 NUSAJAYA1828 Square FeetRM1,610,000
 JOHOR BAHRU469 Square FeetRM580,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU2713 Square FeetRM1,600,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU852 Square FeetRM630,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU852 Square FeetRM630,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1367 Square FeetRM900,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU753 Square FeetRM620,000
 Johor Bahru, STRAIT VIEW753 Square FeetRM668,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1055 Square FeetRM900,000
 Johor Bahru, STRAIT VIEW936 Square FeetRM800,000
 Gelang Patah, TAMAN NUSA PERINTIS1050 Square FeetRM448,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1090 Square FeetRM590,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1376 Square FeetRM1,450,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1387 Square FeetRM1,250,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA791 Square FeetRM750,000
 NUSAJAYA991 Square FeetRM1,000,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1516 Square FeetRM780,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM420,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1322 Square FeetRM880,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT5457 Square FeetRM3,300,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH826 Square FeetRM480,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH751 Square FeetRM378,000
 Puteri Harbour, NUSAJAYA1621 Square FeetRM1,300,000
 Puteri Harbour, TEEGA1167 Square FeetRM1,250,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1376 Square FeetRM650,000
 NUSAJAYA1206 Square FeetRM695,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1469 Square FeetRM720,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1267 Square FeetRM1,288,800
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1241 Square FeetRM375,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN KOLAM AYER1700 Square FeetRM560,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN KOLAM AYER1700 Square FeetRM630,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY 1163 Square FeetRM2,600
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT733 Square FeetRM315,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1214 Square FeetRM600,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH HORIZON HILLS NUSAJAYA1214 Square FeetRM700,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY511 Square FeetRM495,000
 JOHOR BAHRU973 Square FeetRM308,000
 JOHOR BAHRU973 Square FeetRM350,000
 JOHOR BAHRU973 Square FeetRM350,000
 Nusajaya, PUTERI HARBOUR813 Square FeetRM895,000
 PERMAS JAYA1668 Square FeetRM850,000
 Permas Jaya, PERMAS JAYA1668 Square FeetRM850,000
 Permas Jaya, PERMAS JAYA1650 Square FeetRM650,000
 Nusajaya, JOHOR BAHRU 1141 Square FeetRM800,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY689 Square FeetRM450,000
 Skudai, THE GARDEN RESIDENCE825 Square FeetRM330,000
 Johor Bahru, SERI ALAM 1223 Square FeetRM328,000
 Skudai, MUTIARA MAS825 Square FeetRM468,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU732 Square FeetRM5,800,000

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