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Johor Condominiums for Sale

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Apartments / Condominiums in Johor For Sale Check Out the Most Popular State Listings For Rent >>
Location Built up Price
 Nusajaya, SKY EXECUTIVE,BUKIT INDAH,NUSAJAYA1516 Square FeetRM1,020,000
 Gelang Patah, SKY LOFT PREMIUM SUITE@ BUKIT INDAH1615 Square FeetRM1,120,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1420 Square FeetRM560,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1945 Square FeetRM1,600,000
 Johor Bahru, D' LARKIN CONDO ,LARKIN 80350 JOHOR1032 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, SETIA TROPIKA1092 Square FeetRM495,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM560,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM536,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1330 Square FeetRM310,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1200 Square FeetRM620,000
 NUSAJAYA474 Square FeetRM425,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMPOI1000 Square FeetRM238,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU925 Square FeetRM870,000
 Plentong, MOLEK430 Square FeetRM162,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU535 Square FeetRM368,000
 Johor Bahru, SETIA TROPIKA 1090 Square FeetRM560,000
 Johor Bahru, SETIA TROPIKA1090 Square FeetRM610,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1819 Square FeetRM1,250,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1163 Square FeetRM706,240
 JOHOR BAHRU750 Square FeetRM568,000
 Nusajaya, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM585,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1600 Square FeetRM800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1500 Square FeetRM810,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11700 Square FeetRM1,100,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR700 Square FeetRM245,000
 Johor Bahru, KIP PARK BESIDE KIP MART 15MIN TO SG850 Square FeetRM310,000
 Johor Bahru, MASAIRM200,000
 Johor Bahru, MASAIRM170,000
 Masai, PERMAS JAYARM250,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA3000 Square FeetRM2,500,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU3369 Square FeetRM1,600,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1400 Square FeetRM800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU2023 Square FeetRM2,500,000
 Johor Bahru, AUSTIN HEIGHTS753 Square FeetRM490,000
 Setia Tropika, TAMAN SETIA TROPIKA1092 Square FeetRM610,000
 SETIA TROPIKA1092 Square FeetRM580,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT733 Square FeetRM338,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1098 Square FeetRM500,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1100 Square FeetRM460,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1241 Square FeetRM580,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1100 Square FeetRM495,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1103 Square FeetRM410,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY 466 Square FeetRM425,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1376 Square FeetRM760,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11399 Square FeetRM880,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN DATUK ABDULLAH TAHIR885 Square FeetRM380,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN ABDUL SAMAD1281 Square FeetRM428,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN ABDUL SAMAD2827 Square FeetRM780,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1245 Square FeetRM680,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MAHMOODIAH THE HEART OF JB1170 Square FeetRM550,000
 Horizon Hills, TAMAN HORIZON HILLSRM788,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SETIA TROPIKA464 Square FeetRM280,000
 Masai, TAMAN KOTA PUTERI1048 Square FeetRM382,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKINRM333,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAHRM968,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1200 Square FeetRM400,000
 NUSAJAYA1045 Square FeetRM650,000
 NUSAJAYA1561 Square FeetRM1,322,900
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK , MOLEK PINE 1RM580,000
 Johor Bahru, NUSAJAYA911 Square FeetRM599,000
 Nusajaya, EAST LEDANG1147 Square FeetRM918,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1130 Square FeetRM490,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1244 Square FeetRM796,800
 JOHOR BAHRU1443 Square FeetRM881,700
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA837 Square FeetRM590,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1020 Square FeetRM710,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1704 Square FeetRM900,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1376 Square FeetRM740,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1376 Square FeetRM740,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1190 Square FeetRM625,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1497 Square FeetRM950,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1000 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, INDAH SAMUDRA CONDOMINIUM1808 Square FeetRM550,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOHD TAIBRM618,000
 Johor Bahru, TANJUNG PUTERI1139 Square FeetRM924,600
 Johor Bahru, TANJUNG PUTERI797 Square FeetRM826,635
 Johor Bahru, TANJUNG PUTERI1386 Square FeetRM1,002,812
 Johor Bahru, TANJUNG PUTERI876 Square FeetRM883,271
 Johor Bahru, TANJUNG PUTERI1052 Square FeetRM915,859
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1432 Square FeetRM3,800
 Nusajaya, SKY LOFT PREMIUM SUITES1214 Square FeetRM635,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOUNT AUSTIN484 Square FeetRM245,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOUNT AUSTIN523 Square FeetRM280,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOUNT AUSTIN484 Square FeetRM260,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOUNT AUSTIN484 Square FeetRM245,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN PELITA1720 Square FeetRM2,200
 MASAI1048 Square FeetRM400,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1173 Square FeetRM520,000
 JOHOR BAHRU425 Square FeetRM275,000
 Masai, PERMAS JAYA868 Square FeetRM1,300
 JOHOR BAHRU965 Square FeetRM500,000
 JOHOR BAHRU700 Square FeetRM350,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1245 Square FeetRM589,000
 JOHOR BAHRU555 Square FeetRM310,000
 GELANG PATAH400 Square FeetRM270,000
 NUSAJAYA1092 Square FeetRM665,000
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