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Johor Condominiums for Sale

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Location Built up Price
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOHD TAIB1700 Square FeetRM550,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1327 Square FeetRM800,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1327 Square FeetRM720,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1605 Square FeetRM798,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA698 Square FeetRM1,116,800
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1420 Square FeetRM2,272,000
 Nusajaya, BUKIT INDAH1063 Square FeetRM608,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM535,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1300 Square FeetRM495,000
 Johor Bahru, KSL D'ESPLANADE RESIDENCE1267 Square FeetRM1,330,350
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY933 Square FeetRM980,000
 Johor Bahru, SUMMERSCAPE2700 Square FeetRM2,025,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU535 Square FeetRM368,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1376 Square FeetRM740,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA VIEW UTAMARM520,000
 Nusajaya, ISKANDAR507 Square FeetRM870,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1660 Square FeetRM3,200
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR700 Square FeetRM245,000
 Nusajaya, SKY LOFT PREMIUM SUITES, NUSAJAYA1615 Square FeetRM1,100,000
 Nusajaya, SKY LOFT PREMIUM SUITES, NUSAJAYA1615 Square FeetRM948,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1045 Square FeetRM530,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1635 Square FeetRM798,000
 NUSAJAYA1045 Square FeetRM470,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAHRM580,000
 Permas Jaya, IMPIAN SENIBONGRM290,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY 466 Square FeetRM425,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN SKUDAIRM552,500
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY RM612,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MARIAMAH2090 Square FeetRM700,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1213 Square FeetRM718,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH826 Square FeetRM550,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY1270 Square FeetRM1,050,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY1152 Square FeetRM1,300,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1200 Square FeetRM650,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1200 Square FeetRM650,000
 Nusajaya, ISKANDA571 Square FeetRM451,000
 Nusajaya, ISKANDAR571 Square FeetRM477,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1376 Square FeetRM760,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN BAYU PUTERI1100 Square FeetRM308,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN KOLAM AYER1719 Square FeetRM615,000
 Johor Bahru, TROPICANA DANGA BAY TROPEZ1163 Square FeetRM877,000
 Nusajaya, HORIZON HILLS FAIRWAY SUITES1110 Square FeetRM855,000
 NUSAJAYA520 Square FeetRM455,888
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SELESA JAYARM135,000
 Johor Bahru, AUSTIN HEIGHT555 Square FeetRM320,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1300 Square FeetRM580,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1243 Square FeetRM994,400
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1650 Square FeetRM800,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1650 Square FeetRM850,000
 BATU ANAMRM50,000,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1376 Square FeetRM760,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOUNT AUSTIN1097 Square FeetRM480,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1266 Square FeetRM1,200,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1432 Square FeetRM4,800
 SKUDAI1000 Square FeetRM230,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA996 Square FeetRM800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU472 Square FeetRM380,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1200 Square FeetRM885,700
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA996 Square FeetRM750,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH2650 Square FeetRM1,590,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1874 Square FeetRM1,250,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1376 Square FeetRM850,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1469 Square FeetRM680,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1020 Square FeetRM600,000
 Nusajaya, BUKIT INDAH1615 Square FeetRM1,130,000
 NUSAJAYA833 Square FeetRM645,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN SENYUM,ABDULAH TAHIR3500 Square FeetRM13,000,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN SENYUM,ABDULAH TAHIR3500 Square FeetRM13,000,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMPOIRM300,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMPOIRM278,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMPOIRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN TAMPOI INDAHRM350,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN TAMPOI INDAHRM250,000
 Tampoi, JOHOR BAHRURM225,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN BAYU PUTERIRM280,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SELESA JAYARM188,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SELESA JAYARM165,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAHRM600,000
 Johor Bahru, SKUDAIRM185,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN PERLINGRM650,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1600 Square FeetRM800,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYARM800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1500 Square FeetRM810,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11700 Square FeetRM1,100,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1376 Square FeetRM860,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMPOI1000 Square FeetRM238,000
 NUSAJAYA571 Square FeetRM445,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1220 Square FeetRM800,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1190 Square FeetRM650,000
 Johor Bahru, SRI MULIA CONDOMINIUM 2400 Square FeetRM1,180,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA VIEW UTAMARM480,000
 JOHOR BAHRU2713 Square FeetRM1,800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU2713 Square FeetRM2,200,000
 Nusajaya, MEDINI1359 Square FeetRM1,200,000
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