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Johor Condominiums for Sale

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Apartments / Condominiums in Johor For Sale Check Out the Most Popular State Listings For Rent >>
Location Built up Price
 JOHOR BAHRU1214 Square FeetRM360,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1231 Square FeetRM495,000
 PERMAS JAYA1141 Square FeetRM360,000
 Johor Bahru, BANDAR BARU PERMAS JAYA1200 Square FeetRM330,000
 JOHOR BAHRU818 Square FeetRM548,000
 JOHOR BAHRU465 Square MetersRM410,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1214 Square FeetRM588,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN SUTERA KURNING808 Square FeetRM450,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU732 Square FeetRM5,800,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOLEK 1/27, TAMAN MOLEK1095 Square FeetRM520,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOLEK, TAMAN MOLEK1050 Square FeetRM480,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1441 Square FeetRM768,000
 JOHOR BAHRU646 Square FeetRM488,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY689 Square FeetRM440,000
 NUSAJAYA678 Square FeetRM880,000
 Nusajaya, JOHOR ISKANDAR, ISKANDAR ZONE B, 882 Square FeetRM1,150,000
 Nusajaya, JOHOR ISKANDAR, ISKANDAR ZONE B, 1170 Square FeetRM1,800,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SURIA MUAFAKAT1043 Square FeetRM450,000
 NUSAJAYA760 Square FeetRM460,000
 Nusajaya, AUSTIN HEIGHTS753 Square FeetRM355,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MARIAMAH2595 Square FeetRM860,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY721 Square FeetRM350,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1110 Square FeetRM700,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1300 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, D'ESPLANADE RESIDENCE2023 Square FeetRM1,450,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MOHD TAIB1667 Square FeetRM560,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK, JOHOR BAHRU1500 Square FeetRM830,000
 Johor Bahru, D'ESPLANADE RESIDENCE952 Square FeetRM788,000
 JOHOR BAHRU535 Square FeetRM400,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN SELESA JAYA1016 Square FeetRM215,000
 Johor Bahru, PERLING 808 Square FeetRM428,000
 Johor Bahru, PANDAN CITY930 Square FeetRM350,000
 Johor Bahru, PANDAN CITY930 Square FeetRM375,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1660 Square FeetRM950,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1497 Square FeetRM770,600
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN CENTURY1189 Square FeetRM1,420,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MAJU JAYA2000 Square FeetRM650,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY495 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH1168 Square FeetRM680,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU690 Square FeetRM355,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH751 Square FeetRM388,000
 JOHOR BAHRU947 Square FeetRM590,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU958 Square FeetRM600,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MAHMOODIAH535 Square FeetRM1,300
 Johor Bahru, ALONG JALAN ABDUL SAMAD1341 Square FeetRM400,000
 Permas Jaya, JOHOR BAHRU1635 Square FeetRM550,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN KOLAM AYER3143 Square FeetRM1,450,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1710 Square FeetRM660,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN1245 Square FeetRM380,000
 Nusajaya, NUSAJAYA1141 Square FeetRM750,000
 Masai, BANDAR BARU SERI ALAM1582 Square FeetRM700,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1250 Square FeetRM398,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1844 Square FeetRM620,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1162 Square FeetRM3,500
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11765 Square FeetRM660,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRURM385,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK,1190 Square FeetRM510,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK,1190 Square FeetRM508,000
 Johor Bahru, BANDAR BARU PERMAS JAYA1000 Square FeetRM340,000
 Nusajaya, IMPIANA @ EAST LEDANG614 Square FeetRM415,000
 Nusajaya, IMPIANA @ EAST LEDANG614 Square FeetRM415,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN MARIAMAH2600 Square FeetRM800,000
 Johor Bahru, JALAN TENGKU PETRIE 11658 Square FeetRM800,000
 JOHOR BAHRU2476 Square FeetRM1,800,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1195 Square FeetRM618,000
 Johor Bahru, SERI ALAM 1223 Square FeetRM328,000
 AUSTIN HILLS650 Square FeetRM262,000
 AUSTIN HILLS650 Square FeetRM262,000
 Johor Bahru, LARKIN HEIGHT@JOHOR BAHRU1208 Square FeetRM450,000
 Senai, SENAI715 Square FeetRM308,560
 Senai, SENAI968 Square FeetRM430,000
 NUSAJAYA614 Square FeetRM380,000
 JOHOR BAHRU936 Square FeetRM820,000
 JOHOR BAHRU1710 Square FeetRM599,990
 JOHOR BAHRU1803 Square FeetRM680,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH, SKY EXECUTIVE751 Square FeetRM390,000
 Johor Bahru, BAYU PUTRIRM450,000
 Johor Bahru, JOHOR BAHRU1135 Square FeetRM480,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH904 Square FeetRM495,000
 Johor Bahru, BUKIT INDAH904 Square FeetRM495,000
 JOHOR BAHRU2023 Square FeetRM1,500,000
 Gelang Patah, NUSA HEIGHTS1050 Square FeetRM460,000
 Johor Bahru, DANGA BAY689 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1672 Square FeetRM928,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1376 Square FeetRM660,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1441 Square FeetRM863,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1376 Square FeetRM730,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN MOLEK1441 Square FeetRM814,000
 Johor Bahru, TAMAN BUKIT MEWAH1250 Square FeetRM330,000
 Johor Bahru, TEBRAU1400 Square FeetRM700,000
 Permas Jaya, D'AMBIENCE 1114 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, PERMAS JAYA1078 Square FeetRM380,000
 Gelang Patah, NUSA HEIGHT1050 Square FeetRM430,000
 Johor Bahru, DEGREE SUITE753 Square FeetRM350,000
 Johor Bahru, SKY GARDENS RESIDENCES1092 Square FeetRM470,000
 Nusajaya, MEDINI1096 Square FeetRM680,000
 JOHOR BAHRU537 Square FeetRM190,000
 Nusajaya, TAMAN BUKIT INDAH1615 Square FeetRM1,050,000

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