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Setting Up Home In Malaysia

Are you looking to set up home in Malaysia? If you are looking to buy a home there now is the perfect time, with the best conditions to invest in this beautiful part of the world. Whether you are looking to invest in a property in the popular coastal resorts or be part of the growing business centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is estimated that there will be 13 million workers there by 2013 and with the creation of the light railway in 1998 commuting has become much easier.

Malaysia compares favourably with other South East Asian nations, some of which have strict policies against foreign people owning land, allowing them to only buy apartments or leasehold agreements. Owners can avoid the thirty per cent capital gains tax if they hold the property for at least five years, after which you only pay five per cent.

This is not the case in Malaysia. Although there are reserve lands for Malaysian citizens to own, foreign investors can apply to the Foreign Investment Committee based on their current guidelines. There are two different types of ownership, a freehold that allows perpetual ownership and leasehold which allows the owner to stay for a specified period.

There are a variety of finance deals available, with banks offering a variety of credit. Recent guidelines only allow second home purchasers a housing loan of up to sixty per cent. Stamp duty on the purchase price is one per cent on the first 100,000 RM, two per cent on the next 400,000, three per cent on 1.5m and four per cent on the remainder.

When buying a house, you must make sure the property developer has a valid license and the land is available for purchase. If it is Malay Reserve than it is not for sale, so you must make sure this has been checked before making any purchase.

Developers should give you free brochure information, allowing you to make the best, most informed choice.

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